What Should I Talk About At WordCamp Melbourne 2013?

WordCamp Melbourne 2013

As the closing deadline for WordCamp Melbourne 2013 lingers closer I’ve put my ‘thinking cap’ on and I’ve come up with 4 ideas of talks that I could potentially present. However, I can’t seem to make up my mind on which topic I prefer so I’m gonna let you guys and gals decide for me (even if I only get a couple of votes haha 😉 ) by filling out the poll at the bottom of this post.

My topics are:

My WordPress Development Workflow

This talk would outline the process I take after we’ve received design sign off from the client. I would talk in detail about my process which includes the following steps:

  • Setting up a Basecamp project
  • Setting up a private GitHub repository
  • Setting up my IDE (Phpstorm)
  • Setting up Sass & Compass for CSS preprocessing
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Testing (Both cross browser and device )
  • Migration with BackupBuddy
  • Ongoing maintenance

WordPress Child Themes

  • What is a child theme?
  • Choosing a parent theme
  • Using Firebug
  • Your first child theme
  • Let’s override some styles!
  • Let’s override some templates
  • Google Fonts API
  • Pluggable functions (why they are great)
  • Add your own screenshot

The Pros And Cons Of Running A WordPress Agency

I’ve learnt a lot over the years in the web design industry and I’ve been an employee, a freelancer, a contractor and a business owner at Sennza. I’ve love to share with people some of the things I’ve learnt over the last 3 years at Sennza including items such as:

  • Bootstrapping
  • Finding clients
  • Building a brand
  • Looking at cash-flow and your accounts
  • The transition from working from home to working in an office (a.k.a “no pants” to “pants”)
  • Hiring contractors vs. hiring staff
  • Firing clients
  • Project management

The State of WPAustralia.org & The WordPress Community in Australia

Finally, I’m toying with the idea of talking about http://www.wpaustralia.org/ which is a BuddyPress site that we launched last year as an online tool for members of the Australian WordPress community to keep in touch and to bounce ideas, questions and code around in public so we can all learn from each other. The idea for this site was already in place at the last WordCamp Melbourne but we were all too busy to launch it until last year. The participation from everyone and plugins that have been “given birth” on the site in the short amount of time it’s been around has been nothing short of amazing so it would be great to talk about the site in front of a few hundred Australian WordPressers!

So please submit your vote below and buy a ticket if you haven’t already!

WordCamp Melbourne 2013 Tickets

This poll is now closed.

Bronson Quick
  1. Blaz

    Nice work Big B. If it were up to me I’d listen to all the topics! I went with ‘The Pros And Cons Of Running A WordPress Agency’

    • Bronson Quick

      Haha cheers Blaz! 🙂 I thought that I’d come up with decent topics this time which is why it’s hard to decide. Thanks for your vote! 🙂

  2. Brent

    Just one 🙁

    All awesome topics, but I voted for wpaustralia.org because I think what you’re doing with it is simply awesome and spreading the word about it (and WP in OZ more generally) can only enhance the awesomeness.

    • Bronson Quick

      Awesome. Thanks for the vote Sir. You’re actually the first person to vote for that. I think it’s a topic that people probably wouldn’t get until it was explained to them to be honest. Because you’re an active member on there you see the use of it and how it can help people around Oz. They are getting too many geeky talks this year apparently so that would be a less geeky talk too


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