WordCamp Melbourne 2013 Poll Results!

So the results are in and tallied and are as follows:

  1. My WordPress Development Workflow – 50%
  2. The Pros And Cons Of Running A WordPress Agency – 44%
  3. The State of WPAustralia.org – 6%
  4. WordPress Child Themes – 0% (Y U NO LIKE CHILD THEMES!!!)

I shall be submitting my speaker application shortly. As ‘The Pros And Cons Of Running A WordPress Agency‘ came a close second, I believe Lachlan my business partner at Sennza will be doing something along those lines.

I’ve been informed by Dee Teal who is one of the organisers that they have a lot of dev talks that have been submitted so far so the topic may be subject to change.

Thanks to everyone who voted. I was very impressed with the number of votes and make sure you buy tickets! 🙂


Bronson Quick
    • Bronson Quick

      Haha I like the idea of that topic as well. Dee said I could probably do a lightning talk on it. I dunno if I can cover it effectively in 5 mins

      • Brent

        Yeah that’s a good idea. It might not be enough to cover it, but it would be enough to entice other community members to join.


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