Kill Bill “Art”

So a few weeks ago I was asked by a mate if I could help her out with a Pole Fitness production. It had a Kill Bill/Pulp Fiction theme. Amongst having the tough job of having to play Bill in the performance (read: having fun with lovely ladies on poles!), I had the job of trying to find some posters to decorate the set.

I would’ve thought that in this day and age it would be fairly easy to hunt down some Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction posters. But alas, I couldn’t get any given the time restraint of a couple of weeks so I decided I’d have to dust off the old paint brush and buy a decent sized canvas.

I must admit I really relax when I paint. I think painting, playing instruments and running are the only ways I tend to switch off.

So here are some pics of the progression of Kill Bill. It came out pretty good. I’m looking forward to finding more time to paint stuff soon.

Bronson Quick

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