A Fix For Internet Explorer Crashing WAMP

I’ve still got some “legacy” client sites that run on WAMP on my local machine. I was trying to do some updates to some of their sites and when I started doing some testing on Internet Exploder…oops I mean Explorer of course, and WAMP was locking up and it was really starting to bug me.

It turns out the fix is fairly obscure so I thought I’d blog about it in case others have the same issue. So the fix is to open up Apache’s httpd.conf file which you can get to easily in WAMP by Left clicking on WAMP -> Apache -> httpd.conf and adding in the following lines:

# Fix IE crashing Apache
 AcceptFilter http none
 AcceptFilter https none

Restart WAMP and everything should be peachy again!

Bronson Quick
  1. Amandilh

    Works very well but causes problems with https requests from Chrome or Firefox (so I only implemented it for http).

  2. Adam

    thank you!
    you saved my brain from exploring… I mean exploding


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