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It’s been ages since I’ve blogged so I figured I should pull my finger out and pump out a “quick” post about some of my WordPress related news as quite a few things have happened around the interwebs this week so I figured I should blog about them before I forget 😛

I’m on 🙂

First and foremost, the video of my talk from WordCamp Melbourne is up on I’m pretty excited about this because I’ve spoken at 4 WordCamps so far and none of the videos have seen the light of day due to a load of unfortunate issues so I’m stoked to have a video online for the world to see!  Props to Hunting With Pixels for being so fast with the video and mad props to the organisers of the WordCamp for uploading it so quickly!

A couple of mentions on

I made sure that John Saddington got wind of Google App Engine’s launch of their Php runtime not long after their announcement during Google I/O. Yes, that’s right. You can run WordPress on Google App Engine now!

John also posted about my video and slide from WordCamp Melbourne 2013 which was great to see! Thanks John! 😀

Import from Ning

A few months back we undertook a project for a client that involved creating a WordPress & BuddyPress site from an existing Ning site. We had Ryan McCue tackle the importing process by modifying Boone B Gorges Import from Ning plugin for this and Ryan fixed some of the bugs in it and added an events importer. I went back after the project and added Ryans code into logical commit messages and then we left it in the repo without doing a pull request. Ryan submitted the Pull Request last week and Boones merged that and also added both of us as plugin authors…so that’s my first plugin in the repo by proxy 😉

Achievements for WordPress

I was reviewing Paul Gibbs Achievements for WordPress plugin last week as we’ll be using it for a clients site this week and I realised that I could make it more user friendly and make it so that only achievements for plugins that were activated would be displayed so I submitted a Pull Request and Paul has merged my code and he gave me a nice little shout out in his roadmap update for Achievements. Thanks Paul! 😀

Hangout With Vernon Fowler

I had a Skype call with Vernon Fowler this week which was fantastic! Vernon uses BuddyPress for a language school in Melbourne. They create BuddyPress groups each semester for courses and use BuddyPress to discuss lessons and to share files related to the course. Vernon gave me a walk through of the site and the plugins that he uses to make all the magic happen. I learnt about a few BuddyPress plugins that I didn’t know about which was fabulous. Thanks Vernon! 😀

WordPress 10th Anniversary

Last but definitely not least, it’s WordPress’s 10th anniversary tomorrow so there are parties happening all around Australia and all around the world! Try and get along to a Meetup near you! I’ll be at the Brisbane event of course. This event will be a little different to our normal Meetups as it’s just a social gathering so we’ll be having a pint or two and chatting to people. If you’re in Brissy then please come along and say Hi!

And ddddeeeennn….

Bronson Quick
    • Bronson Quick

      Hahaha good call! 🙂 I was actually thinking that as I was typing it. Once I make a new theme for it I’ll move it to App Engine!


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