Beyonce Challenge

A couple of weeks ago Scotty and I went to check out Beyonce at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Some of you might find that a little weird given my main tastes in music is predominately rock based however I am an avid music lover of all genres except for country music.

I’ve seen quite a few pop acts over the years including Justin Timberlake, James Blunt, Pink and I saw Beyonce last time she was in Australia as well but I digress. During the show Beyonces “Single Ladies” song started and midway through the song Scotty turned to me and said “You know dude, I think some needs to write a version of this for the men” and I replied “That’s a fucking great idea. I’m gonna do it”.

I had hoped to have completed it by the Tuesday after the concert but I wasn’t happy with any of the vocal takes I’d recorded. I’ve got the drum parts, bass and clapping all down pat and I’ve also put down a guitar track over it and I’m really happy with how it’s sounding. Hopefully I can get some good vocal tracks recorded in the next two weeks.

It’s tough finding the time because I don’t like recording vocal takes late at night because I know it could drive the neighbours nuts if I keep singing the same track over and over again!

So stay tuned for my piss take cover of “Single Fellas” which I will post on here when it’s done!

Bronson Quick
  1. Paz

    I love country music, can you add just a touch of billy ray cyrus to the tune, even if you just say achy breaky heart

    • bronson

      Haha yeah and you also dance with closed fists to it. I’ve seen it. You can’t boot scoot with closed fists!


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