Amp, Amp, Amped!

So I got myself a new amp a few months ago and I think I want…no, wait, I do want to marry it and make 100 Watt babies with it. It’s a Marshall AS100D. It’s simply amazing.  It’s got two channels, a microphone input, 16 effects and it’s designed specifically for acoustic artists so it is just perfect for my Maton ECW80C.

I can’t say enough about this amp. It’s going to be ridiculously good for acoustic sets when I get the nuts to actually go out and play some gigs. I wish I had a bit more talent and a lot more time to practice. I’ve got a Shure SM58 mic to hook up to it but I’ve only really played with the mic attached a few times.

I’m going to be doing some recordings over the next few months so I’m going to post a demo or two on this site for you all to have a listen to so you can hear what I’m working on. A lot of the songs I write are ‘comedy’ songs that are just piss takes or they have some extremely dark humour to them.

Anyways, in summary, if you want an acoustic amp then buy this baby!

Bronson Quick

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