The Scientist – A poem inspired by Dawkins

In an effort to start “owning my own data”, I’ve decided I should start taking some of the stuff I’ve posted on Facebook in the past and adding it to my own site so I’ll “own” it forever more. Whilst I’ve been doing that I found something I wrote a few years ago. It was a poem called, “The Scientist”. I was reading “Richard Dawkins – Unweaving the Rainbow” at the time I penned this and he was saying that poets never seem to write any poetry about science, so I found a sheet of paper and a pencil and pumped out the first crap that came into my head.

For the record, I’m not a poet and never will be but as a kid I did do loads of poetry readings in eisteddfods so that’s probably why I was inspired to jot something down. I also have no idea what my brain decided to end it with a rhyming quatrain.

Also, re-reading this I’d like to apologise for anyone who reads this and takes offence that the scientist is a male in this poem. At the time I was thinking about Dawkins so I ended up using a male as a reference point.

The Scientist

His daily mission is bound to unraveling a mystery,
Countless hours spent extracting wisps of knowns
To conjure up yet another hypothesis
That is likely to be proven incorrect by his own person.

His drive is rejuvenated by his intrigue and profound lust for answers,
He blends and melds his unique mix of reasoning,
With a few tender drops of twisted logic,
As his logic is potent and is best served bittersweet.

He crosses off days on his calendar to chart his wayward and confusing journey
Each day he takes another step,
The direction of which is unbeknown to him.
It may be forward to gratification or backwards as his own research becomes self defeating.

To you my good man, I live in both awe and fear of your quest for answers.
In a world filled with so many mysteries I wish I could delegate your explorations
To provide the human race for cures for cancers and disease,
Or perhaps towards a discovery to alleviate world hunger?

Never unravel our neural network to calculate how we think,
But do your best to aid our recovery when our brain is on the blink.
I rest assured and find my peace not from anything I have mentioned above
It’s that you’ll never discover the mystery of a man’s quest for his one true love.

Bronson Quick

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