Sevendust @ Guitar Center – 🎸

I’ve been on a bit of a Sevendust binge over the last few months. Chris and I met the Sevendust crew before their show at the Eaton Hills Hotel and all of the band members were incredibly down to earth and very humble. They put on a cracking show that night too! It was easily one of the best live shows I’ve seen ever and I’ve been to a hell of a lot of music gigs. Their journey as a band over the years has been really tough. In 2006 they considered themselves bankrupt. I’m so pleased they stuck with their music and continue to write incredible songs.

During the set Lajon (their vocalist) gave the backstory about two of their songs that were written about friends and family members who had passed away and during both of those songs Lajon had tears streaming down his face as he told the story. Somehow he managed to go from tears to amazing vocals as both of the songs kicked off. It was incredibly to see how much those songs mean to him still to this day even though they have performed those songs hundreds of times.

I think the thing that really sets Sevendust apart is that they are primarily a heavy metal band but they have also released a couple of acoustic albums as well. Southside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live and Time Travelers & Bonfires are both acoustic albums that sound incredibly. Sevendust tune their guitars down to Drop B which really adds a darker sound to all their songs and it really shines through when they perform acoustically. The playlist that I’ve linked to at the Guitar Center shows how well their songs translate acoustically as well.

I’ve also become that much of a Sevendust fan that I’ve bought my 5th guitar and it’s a PRS Clint Lowery Signature Edition. The guitar is currently spending a few weeks at one of my Human Made colleagues house so she can have a bit of a play of it before she ships it over to Australia for me as I couldn’t get it sent directly to Australia. (Thanks so much Libby for doing that for me. It means the world to me! 😍) The thing that really caught my eye about the guitar is that it ships in Drop B and it’s designed to maintain low tuning. I have been learning a stack of heavy tracks by artists like Sevendust, Avenged Sevenfold, A Perfect Circle, Disturbed, Karnivool, Rob Zombie, TOOL and Slipknot and they all use Drop B so having a guitar tuned for this in my music room is going to be fabulous! Massive props to Chris for letting me know about the Clint Lowery PRS too!


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