Masterpiece Reviews

Anyone that spends some time hanging around me quickly realises I’m pretty obsessed with music. I barely watch TV as I’d rather be listening to vinyl, learning how to play my favourite songs on guitar and heading to a gig. I also love talking about albums, bands and musicians as well as who is in the studio recording or mastering tracks, what side projects peeps are up to and the like.

All thisĀ talk of music often brings up the old question of “What are your favourite albums?” ThisĀ is of course a damn hard question to answer. One of my mates, Richard, linked me to Masterpiece Reviews a few weeks back and I’ve been loving the album reviews on their YouTube channel. Many of the albums they’ve reviewed are some of my favourites but even better than that I’ve discovered some albums I’ve never heard too. Currently I’m flogging the hell out of Kate Bush – Hounds of Love. If you’re a music nut like me you’ll love the reviews!


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