Github For Everything

I spend most of my days (and nights to be honest) on Github but I’d never of thought that a company could use Github for everything! Click through and have a read about how Wiredcraft use Github for:

  • Documentation
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Hosting
  • and last but not least…code and issue tracking!
  1. Brent

    I love the idea of using one tool to rule them all.

    There would have to be advantages in pulling everyone in the company into the same tool used to managed the creation of the company’s core products too. Regardless of how far removed the person’s role is from product development/technical tasks, when going into the GH for something else, they will inevitably notice technical matters to which they may be able to add valuable input.

    Huboard is also a tip for issues – I hadn’t seen it before.

    • Bronson Quick

      Yeah I thought their approach was really clever! I definitely agree that having everything in GH would be great for getting feedback from the non-techies. The increased transparency within the company would have to have it’s benefits as well. Rather than people wondering what other staff members are doing at any given point you can see what’s on their plate.

      Wow, Huboard looks AMAZING! Thanks for the tip 🙂


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