That Awkward Moment When You Forget A Git Command

I’ll be totally honest with y’all. I’m rarely working on a Git project that has more than 3 – 5 developers on it so it’s pretty rare that I need to change the history, cherry-pick or perhaps fetch then rebase, fix a conflict then rebase – -continue.

But when I do have to do an unusual command in Git like that then I often forget the command because I might only run it once a month. I have a hard copy of Pro Git, however I normally spend more time flicking through it trying to remember the command I am chasing then I would like. 🙁

Thankfully one of my mates linked me to the awesome link above, and I loved it so much that I needed to blog about it so I don’t lose the link (because I hate bookmarks :P).

I hope some of you love this handy little resource as much as I do!


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