Cleaning And Restringing Your Acoustic Guitar

So it’s been probably around 3 years since I played my guitar regularly. I have a gorgeous Maton ECW80C guitar and a Marshall AS100D amp which have been collecting dust  ever since Lachlan and I started Sennza. I feel that as a business we’ve got to the stage where we don’t have to work crazy hours each day and into the weekend so I’m getting back into playing the guitar. I’ve even got a Billy Corgan Fender Stratocaster being made in America so it should be on it’s way in 6 – 12 weeks 😀

I’ve always been pretty horrible with guitar maintenance because I haven’t been keeping in touch with a couple of my mates who are serious musos. I found a couple of vids on guitar maintenance and restringing on YouTube that I wanted to link to here so that I’d never lose them.

Removing strings, polishing and cleaning your guitar

This video has some good advice about how to correctly clean and maintain your guitar. I use a polish rather than a wax because my Maton doesn’t have a shiny finish like the Taylor guitars. I’ve always felt that the shiny finish cheapens the look of the guitar and more importantly than that, my Maton sounds 100x better than the Taylors. I don’t say that lightly either because I’m a die hard Smashing Pumpkins fan and Billy Corgan uses Taylors for his acoustic sound! I have no idea why he loves Taylors because every time I see the Pumpkins live and Billy pulls out his Taylor I am always bitching about it because his acoustic sound would sound so much better with a Maton!!!

Restringing your acoustic guitar and checking the action

I’m always clumsy when I restring my guitar. No one has ever taught me how to do it properly and all the videos I’ve watched before have shown me slightly different ways to do it and I haven’t felt comfortable with any of them until that video! The best thing I learnt was how the correct length to cut off your strings before you wind them onto your guitar. I always used to cut them off after I’d wound them up!

Anyways, that’s enough from me. My guitar awaits my fingering, wait a second that sounds a little dodgy! 😉

Bronson Quick

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