WordPress Coding Standards for PhpStorm

I remember the days when I used to code in Dreamweaver. Back then I used to use classic ASP and Microsoft SQL Server for all my sites and I would create my own content management system (CMS) for each website…my my, haven’t things changed thanks to WordPress! 🙂

Currently I use PhpStorm as my IDE and although it has loads of great features that I love, I have always had difficult with tabs vs spaces when I would make patches for to submit to WordPress core. The main trouble I was having was that I would actually use tabs for indenting when I would code but when I’d export a patch PhpStorm would convert those to spaces. I tried many different configurations but PhpStorm wasn’t playing nice.

Thankfully Rarst has created the Gist above which is an XML configuration file which seems to have whipped PhpStorm into line for WordPress core coding standards. Now the only excuse I have for not submitting more patches to core is lack of time…but that’s changing in 2013!


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